UWaterloo Steam Tunnels

Black and white image down a steam tunnel. A sign says 'WATCH YOUR HEAD - DANGER'.

A couple years ago I took my camera down with me for a tour of the UWaterloo steam tunnels.

The only photos I've ever been able to find online are Matt Wandel's, but they long predate DSLR technology. While things haven't changed much since the 1990s, I wondered if people wouldn't appreciate a fresh perspective.

I am both an amateur photographer and a weird free software zealot who doesn't understand how to use a Mac or proprietary software in general, so these were all processed using software called darktable, an Adobe Lightroom clone.

I assert my copyright on all these photos, but I'm pleased to distribute them in unwatermarked format for the viewer's enjoyment. If you'd like to request copies of the higher resolution originals for some reason, please get in touch.