Report on the Debian Bug Squashing Party

Last weekend, six folks (one new contributor and five existing contributors) attended the bug squashing party I hosted in Brooklyn. We got a lot done, and attendees demanded that we hold another one soon!

So when's the next one?

We agreed that we'd like to see the NYC Debian User Group hold two more BSPs in the next year: one in October or November of 2018, and another after the Buster freeze in early 2019, to squash RC bugs. Stay tuned for more details; you may want to join the NYC Debian User Group mailing list.

If you know of an organization that would be willing to sponsor the next NYC BSP (with space, food, and/or dollars), or you're willing to host the next BSP, please reach out.

What did folks work on?

We had a list of bugs we collected on an etherpad, which I have now mirrored to gobby ( Attendees updated the etherpad with their comments and progress. Here's what each of the participants reported.

Elana (me)



Editor's note: Lincoln was a new Debian contributor and made lots of progress! Thanks for joining us—we're thrilled with your contributions 🎉 Here's his report.




By the numbers

All in all, we completed 6 uploads, worked on 8 bugs, filed 3 bugs, submitted 3 patches or pull requests, and closed 2 bugs. Go us! Thanks to everyone for contributing to a very productive effort.

See you all next time.